Connecting with Code
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Need based scholarships are available!

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Connecting with Code is both a free online camp and a paid face-to-face (f2f) camp. The F2F version takes place on Rose-Hulman campus with Rose-Hulman faculty, staff, and students helping to get your son or daughter interested in software development. Each camp is 3 hours per day, lasting for 1 week M-F. Students can sign up for 1 camp, which last 1 week or multiple camps depending on their interest. Each camp will have a different focus and be targeted for either our younger age group (current 1st-4th graders) or our middle school group (current 5th - 8th graders). Typically the younger students meet 9am-noon and the middle school students meet 1pm-4pm each weekday. Students in the camp will receive a free shirt to help them remember their time working with faculty and students from Rose-Hulman.

The normal cost for a camp week is $150, but we'd like to allow people to attend that may not be able to join due to the cost. For that reason we have a small number of full ride scholarships available. If you would like to apply for one of these scholarships please use the link above. We will select the scholarship winners on a rolling basis and inform everyone that applies via email about the scholar recipients.

We will continue to give scholarships as we have financial ability. Scholarships have typically closed approximately 2 weeks before the first camp begins, but they will also close when we are no longer able to offer scholarships. We will not let you apply if there is no chance to get a scholarship, but we do have a fixed pool of scholarship funds available.